Quality English Sparkling Wine

Produced in Yorkshire

Erihskroy taste so good you will be saying it backwards

Sparkling White

Erishskroy Westow’s English sparkling white wine is a bright delicate wine made predominately from the Seyval grape. There are hints of lemon zest, gooseberry with the warmth of brioche. Certainly, best served chilled and we believe the perfect accompaniment to everyone’s special occasions.

Sparkling Blush

Westow English sparkling blush is smooth and refreshing, made from a combination of Pinot Noir and Seyval. With a fresh flavour that reminds you of Summer fruits, served chilled, the perfect way to start and finish your evening whether it be in company or just winding the day down on your own.

About Us

Westow Vineyard is a small vineyard owned and established by the Mason family in 2012. It is nestled in the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Wolds near to the picturesque village of Kilham. We benefit from free draining fertile chalk soils, and a proximity to the coast which protects from of the extremes of frost faced by other vineyards in the UK. We currently grow two types of grapes at Westow vineyard, Pinot Noir and Seyval but have plans to incorporate other varieties as we develop other wines.

Where to Buy

You can currently buy direct from the vineyard and we are looking forward to adding many more new stockists.

Adopt Your Own Vine

Adopt an English vine – the perfect gift for wine lovers! Includes a bottle of this years sparkling wine.