All change in English wine

Our Story

Westow Vineyard is a small vineyard owned and established by the Mason family in 2012. It is nestled in the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Wolds near to the picturesque village of Kilham. We benefit from free draining fertile chalk soils, and a proximity to the coast which protects us from the extremes of frost faced by other vineyards in the UK. We currently grow two types of grapes at Westow vineyard, Pinot Noir and Seyval but have plans to incorporate other varieties as we develop other wines.

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Our Grapes

Why grow grapes in east Yorkshire? Ever since our children were small we have spent numerous holidays in the south of France and developed a healthy passion for all things wine . We bought Westow Farm in 2011  not quite the quintessential French vineyard we had envisaged from our trips to the south of France but a damn close second and it was in Yorkshire. So the concept of Westow vineyard was formed

We started the vineyard in 2012 with two varieties of grapes pinot noir and seyval and planted our first acre. With view to growing grapes purely for sparkling wine. In 2015 we planted a further half an acre of Seyval.

Our first proper crop of grapes where picked in 2015 and this is our Westow Vineyard Erihskroy which is Yorkshire backwards.

Our Approach

As a small family run vineyard size is our attribute as we can spend time giving each vine individual care and attention. This ensures the best foundation for our sparkling wines.

Growing grapes in Yorkshire is a challenge and we are constantly learning, but we hope that you will agree Westow’s Vineyard’s Erihskroy is a wonderful reward for our efforts.